Berkeley Movers


Berkeley is a part of Up and Up Moving's history.

Matteo, one of the founders of Up and Up Moving, is actually a UC Berkeley Alumni. He majored in Rhetoric and Minored in Education, and lived in Berkeley for 6 years while Up and Up Moving was still called "Students With Muscle"

Berkeley based cooperatives like Cheeseboard Pizza and the Berkeley Student Cooperatives are what gave us the inspiration to launch a cooperatively owned moving company.

Some of our favorite customers are in Berkeley, and we have moved hundreds of Berkeley residents!

Moving In Berkeley Q and A with Up and Up Moving


Q: How steep is Marin Avenue in Berkeley? Can your trucks safely make it up Marin Avenue in north Berkeley?

A: At some points it is as steep as 15 degrees! Its like a rollercoaster! Yes. Our trucks will take you from the Marin traffic circle/fountain all the way to Grizzly Peak!


Q: I want to downsize a bit before/after my move. Where do I donate clothes in Berkeley?

A: If you have clothes to get rid of, there is of course the Goodwill on University Ave (2058 University Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704). Donation here is usually quick and hassle free. If you go down University Avenue a few blocks towards I80, you will find another thrift store called "Out of the Closet". They are a great organization to support because they use the proceeds from donations for HIV prevention. Quick tip: Keep in mind most thrift stores don't take children's clothing.

ALSO! Some nicer clothing items can easily be sold at Crossroads trading on Shattuck and Buffalo Exchange on Telegraph. You can make a good amount of money or store credit for clothing items at these locations!

Let us know if you need any help with this. We are happy to make a quick trip to Goodwill or Out of the Closet if it helps make your move easier!

Q: I have some old furniture, trash, mattresses, building supplies, etc. I need to take to the dump. Where should I go? Who do I call?

A:  Thankfully in Berkeley there are some great resources.


There's always Berkeley Transfer Station - this is the dump. However, it can be a bit pricey. Besides the price, its also sad to see things that are in good condition go to the dump.


Urban Ore is a GREAT resource for minimizing waste - they accept all kinds of building materials and funky odds and ends. Check out this link to see what they do accept and don't accept . They are located at 900 Murray Street, Berkeley, CA 94710  and the phone number is 510.841.7283

Anything that is made of mostly metal you can also take to the metal recycler! Examples of these things include washers and dryers, old stoves, etc. Here's the link to the Berkeley Recycling Center: