Berkeley Movers

We are leaders in house and apartment Moving in Oakland California and the entire San Francisco Bay Area

Q: what are our rates?

A: Affordable and competitive. Please call 510-518-2770 for a free quote from one of our friendly office staff (Eve, Edie, tommy, Matteo, or Lonnie)

Q: Why should you trust us in your home?

a: Being cooperatively owned, we are a small team of 6 moving specialists. We take pride in what we do, and we keep the circle tight;  we only send out co-owners of the company who have invested blood, sweat, tears, and their own money into building this company. We are also licensed and insured  in the state of California MTR0191772

Q: Do you provide stretch wrap? What do you bring on the truck?

a: We bring moving blankets, stretch wrap, tape, and tools for disassembly and assembly for no additional charge. And years of moving wisdom!


Q: How big are your trucks?

a: for 1-2 bedroom apartments and small moves, we bring out a 16 foot box truck. For 2 bedroom apartments, 2-5 bedroom homes, and commercial moves we bring 20-24 foot box trucks. We bring 2-3 trucks for very large jobs.

q: Do you have references?

A: Yes! Contact us for a few of our references, or check out our stellar Yelp reviews, where we have over 80+ 5 star reviews!

"Moving is like combining the games of tetris + operation. tetris because you have to puzzle every piece into the truck, operation because of the hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. You have to pretend like you are pulling an adams apple out with tweezers, trying to not let the buzzer go off, while trying to fit tetris blocks together"